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Meet Kay Bennett, Ph.D. 

Kay holds a masters degree in psychology and a Ph.D. in philosophy of religion. She is one of the founders of HumanWisdom LLC, a company that integrates these two fields of knowledge.  For over 25 years, Kay has committed her life to supporting others in breaking through self-imposed obstacles and making the mind-body-spirit connection.

Kay developed and trademarked “The Power Model System™, a Human Behavioral Developmental Model designed for training individuals and organizations in interpersonal management skills. The model has been integrated with the National Diagnostic Mental Health Manual (DSM IV). She has trained therapists on how to integrate the model with each client diagnosis.

For over two decades, Kay was executive director of Bennett and Associates which provided private and group counseling. Her Client base was 5 to 70 years old. A great deal of client base was dual diagnoses, chemical addiction, mental illness.

Kay holds numerous certifications related to community health and wellness, including Sexual Abuse & Chemical Dependency, Counseling Victims of Rape & Sexual Abuse and Their Abusers, Domestic Violence: Women & Children's Treatment Issues, Counseling Persons with AIDS & Their Significant Others, Domestic Violence: Men's Treatment Issues and HIV Risk Reduction. Kay is hospice certified, and a bereavement specialist.

Many of Kay's clients have gone on to achieve amazing goals and success beyond their wildest imaginations.  

Dr. Bennett is currently an instructor at Central Arizona Community College, Superstition Mountain Campus teaching Introduction to Psychology 101 and Interpersonal Communication Skills for Health Professionals.

The Power Model System
The Natural Path to HumanWisdom
Kay Bennett, Ph.D., author, popular speaker, and founder of the Power Model System™ has had an exceptional career over the past 25 years counseling people from all walks of life.
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