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Attention Counselors, Psychologists and Health/Social Workers
HumanWisdom offers training and certification in The Power Model System TM for licensed professionals who are interested in obtaining a new methodology to enhance their services. This is a short-term therapeutic model that is successful for working with insurance companies and the mental health field. This is excellent for those who provide classes with clients on probation.  

The Power Model Systemô is a unique approach that integrates spirituality with psychology and has applications for the education, social service, and behavioral health fields as well as for individuals and businesses. 

For more information on training and certification, please call 602.397.9006.

This is an ideal class for the following professions: Therapists, nurses, law enforcement officials, and probation officers.

The Power Model System
The Natural Path to HumanWisdom
Kay Bennett, Ph.D., author, popular speaker, and founder of the Power Model System™ has had an exceptional career over the past 25 years counseling people from all walks of life.
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Contact us for a CD-ROM visually detailing the entire Power Model SystemTM and how it can be used in your business, school, or community.
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