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Attention Counselors, Psychologists and Health/Social Workers
HumanWisdom offers training and certification in The Power Model System TM for professionals who are interested in obtaining a new methodology to enhance their services. 

The Power Model System™ is a unique approach that integrates spirituality with psychology and has applications for the education, social service, and behavioral health fields as well as for individuals and businesses. 

For more information on training and certification, please contact us.

This is ideal training for the following professions: Therapists, workplace consultants, life coaches, educators,, school/college retention programs, law enforcement officials, and probation officers.

The Power Model System
The Natural Path to Human Wisdom
The Power Model System is a unique approach that addresses the whole person emotional-mental-spiritual-physical for individuals, education, business, social services, behavioral health.
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Interactive Workbook Coming Soon !

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Funding will be used towards developing an interactive workbook, that guides you on this journey of self-discovery (see Pyramid below). This workbook will be made available online for free within four months. We also want to introduce the workbook into high school and colleges due to the level of dropouts - providing students the tools they need to finish their educational goals.