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The “Power Model System TM” is an innovative new approach to the discovery of balance and wellness in ones self. Its unique design assists an individual’s ability to traverse the map of their life to recognize, acknowledge, and embrace serenity, clarity, balance, and overall wellness in their journey.

      It seems to be an inevitable process to ponder and confuse our perceptions of the rights and wrongs of situations in our lives. The problem is, we more often than not, end up distorting our perceptions. We incur self doubt and place blame which influences our choices and decisions. The “Power Model System TM” allows us to clear that clutter to embrace an understanding of our own accountability and to take responsibility through our own self-discovery.

      The goal is not to strive for perfection, but to learn the techniques that will empower the individual for a lifetime. Individuals will continue to grow in maturity, have constant commitment to recovery and wellness, learn healthy compromise, and become proactive in their lives. Participants will leave with a blueprint of their internal system and a concise step-by-step process for centering themselves and making more functional choices in challenging situations.

Who benefits from this form of therapy?
The “Power Model System TM” is less about therapy and, more significantly, about identifying the tools we all have to guide us in our journey to full self-discovery. It focuses on the choices we make, both big and small and the process we go through to get there. It guides us to more clearly acknowledge ourselves through the identification of the feelings and emotions entangling our ability to understand our choices responsibly.

This is a unique and powerful visual tool which gives individuals the ability to quickly get in-touch with themselves through an easily understood process of self- discovery. Individuals get in-touch with all parts of themselves immediately, including their defense system, so there are no wild cards. All the cards are on the table in front of them and they hold a winning hand.   

The beauty of this “System” is who it can help. Everyone can benefit. Whether you are suffering through more extreme dysfunctions, such as, addiction, mental/physical disabilities, or the day to day relationship issues, both personal and professional, at home or at the office, the “Power Model SystemTM” can help you find your true path to life-balance and wellness.

The Power Model System
The Natural Path to HumanWisdom
Kay Bennett, Ph.D., author, popular speaker, and founder of the Power Model System™ has had an exceptional career over the past 25 years counseling people from all walks of life.
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