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The first cornerstone of The Power Model System is that “you are the expert on you” as you have been all along. The second Power Model System cornerstone is that learning must be through self-discovery. You must discover the truth about who you are and who you want to be. The third cornerstone is realizing that balance cannot be permanently achieved unless you work on all human levels—emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.

These human aspects are labeled EQ, MQPQ and SQ Intelligences. These components are part of you just as your heart, brain, arms, and spirit are. You simply need to nurture them and be one with them.

EQ: Emotional Intelligence

  • Ability to perceive, control, evaluate, and express emotions 

IQ: Intellect Intelligence

  • Logical reasoning, exploring options, decision making, thoughts of self, perception of the world, quieting the mind

SQ: Spiritual Intelligence

  • Know your beliefs, comfortable with other’s beliefs, Higher Power connection, how you fit in the world, integrity, compassion, forgiveness

PQ, BQ: Physical and Body Intelligence

  • Listening to body signals, physical behavior, boundaries, taking care of self.

Often we find parts of ourselves are in conflict with each other, causing our successes to unravel in a short time, no matter what self-help program we use. This conflict comes from an imbalance of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual human components. Our past serves as a foundation for building our future. If our past is 100% full of wonderful, life-rewarding experiences and great wise teachers, our future is virtually assured. However, most of us have a past that was very difficult at one time or another and often gave conflicting messages, lessons, and experiences that resulted in chaos, confusion, and often painful consequences. This is how our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical become unbalanced. With this awareness, we can take action and balance these components and thus make more permanent changes in our lives.

Simple activities in The Power Model System allow self-discovery to occur simultaneously in all your human components, while helping you to see what has been holding you back. You’ll be spiritually connected to your Higher Power whatever the situation, and you’ll have the ability to spiritually connect with others, no matter what their spiritual belief, age, sex, or culture. You’ll find yourself feeling, thinking, and behaving differently. You’ll feel younger with more abilities at your disposal, and you’ll find your walk in life more harmonious than it has ever been. No one need convince you of this; you’ll discover this on your own faster than you ever thought possible!

The Power Model System
The Natural Path to Human Wisdom
The Power Model System is a unique approach that addresses the whole person emotional-mental-spiritual-physical for individuals, education, business, and social services. 
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Funding will be used towards developing an interactive workbook, that guides you on this journey of self-discovery (see Pyramid below). This workbook will be made available online for free within four months. We also want to introduce the workbook into high school and colleges due to the level of dropouts - providing students the tools they need to finish their educational goals.