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The Power Model System TM achieves its goal of individual
self-reliance by having individuals interact with a concise five-step visual guide. The exercises can be done anywhere, anytime, and anyplace.   

Through humor and self-discovery individuals will learn about their own defense systems.  This immediately results in awareness of what part of them has resisted in learning new methods that could change their lives.  From this awareness, the process becomes effortless. Anytime the defense system springs into reaction due to fear they know how to respond constructively.

The Power Model System TM has built in exercises for self-application and for interaction with others. The exercises exemplify what choices and rights we have as human beings.  A 15 minute exercise shows individuals how they can be at the mercy of their environment and how they can make adjustments and changes to get out of these situations. The model has a spiritual component, which is important to individuals who have come through dramatic events in their lives. They are now able to apply some sense of meaning to their experiences. The program includes developmental stages toward maturity and a five step mental exercise that the individual can use in any life situation.

Through The Power Model System TM individuals will:

Have the ability to identify and manage co-occurring disorders.

Have the ability to identify and manage feelings.

Resolve past events.

Delay gratification in situations.

Control impulses.

Come from a flight or flight response to a calm thought process that will reduce stress emotionally and physically.

Identify the difference between feelings and thoughts.

 Eliminate crisis behavior.

Able to give oneself positive reinforcement for newly created positive behaviors.

Use steps for problem solving and decision-making.

Set goals and achieve them.

Make conscious choices.

Anticipating their actions verses the consequences.

Change attitudes.

 Develop realistic evaluations about self.

As individuals work through The Power Model System TM, they're able to view what they have written within the model which becomes a road map for moving forward.  Most of all, they quickly understand themselves and accumulate the tools for self-correction in the future, while working towards their own self-actualization through other self-realization programs.

The Power Model System
The Natural Path to HumanWisdom
Kay Bennett, Ph.D., author, popular speaker, and founder of the Power Model System™ has had an exceptional career over the past 25 years counseling people from all walks of life.
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