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The Power Model System
The Natural Path to HumanWisdom

The Power Model System™ is the first visual all inclusive model that integrates spirituality with psychology. It allows individuals to self-discover their own perception and reaction behavior resulting in empowerment. This is not a “quick fix” but a permanent solution that generates change from within.

Through the Power Model System™ individuals strive, not for perfection but to learn techniques that empower them for a lifetime, growing in maturity, learning to compromise and be Pro-Active in their life.

The Power Model System™ was developed by Dr. Kay Bennett in the search for a more efficient way for her clients to achieve their goals. This model engages each person’s sensory system, taking a person through a self-discovery process of awareness and acceptance—resulting in self-directed and self-motivated action.

The Power Model System™ acknowledges and addresses the complete person including the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual components, allowing it to be applied in a practical manner in the real world to maintain balance in individual lives.